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The Journey

Pariwar Pratishthan Child Labourer School Dr. Abdul Kalam Child Labourer School, Umer Colony, Nanded, Maharashtra, India
Free Medical check up for child labourer at school
Free Medical check up for child labourers at school

1997 - Gathered nearly 80 voluntary organisation in Nanded district to initiate work towards Child Labourer
1998 - Expedition for awareness against buying fire crackers involving child labour
1999 - Creating public awareness about child labour eradication by way of road shows and essay competitions, nearly 600 student participated in the competition from 50 schools
2000 - Established city development committees in Nanded city
2001 - “Education is must” – a discussion
2002 - Pariwar Pratishthan and Jawaharlal Nehru College of Social Work conducted survey for child labourers and found 1982 child labourers in Nanded city and surroundings. United youth for child labourer rally and protest programmes
2003 - Further expanded our boundaries with cooperation from Socio Economical Development Trust, Kerwadi, Dist. Parbhani
2004 - With cooperation from PACS (Poorest Area Civil Society) and Socio Economic Development Trust, Pariwar started the field work for child labourer eradication. This year also marked the start for implementing NCLP (National Child Labour Project), started 25 schools under this project. Also conducted child labourer cultural programmes on Independence Day and Republic Day

Since 2004 we are well onto our way to effectively implement NCLP at Nanded district. Our efforts are bearing fruits and as a result 352 children entered into the 5th standard of the main stream education in 2006 and 380 children in 2007. With your support we can further increase the number to achieve 100% goal.

Child labourer handicraft exhibition Exibition of handicraft items made by child labourer
Celebrating Independence Day at one of the child labourer school Independence Day celebration at one of the Pariwar Pratishthan’s child labourer school

Following is the table depicting number of students in each class from few of the Pariwar Pratishthan’s child labourer schools:

School Name 1st Std 2nd Std 3rd Std 4th Std 5th Std 6th Std 7th Std Total
Karmavir child labourer school, Karmavir Nagar, Nanded 9 5 12 15 7 2 - 50
Kendriya child labourer school, Millan Nagar, Nanded 16 20 4 5 3 2 - 50
Maulana Aazad child labourer school, Mehaboob Nagar, Nanded 13 19 13 5 - - - 50
Dr. Abdul Kalam child labourer school, Umer Colony, Nanded 3 10 13 11 11 1 1 50
Mahavir chaild labourer school, Gautam Nagar, Nanded 22 9 10 6 2 1 - 50
Siddhartha child labourer school, Wajegaon, Nanded 3 8 11 14 7 4 3 50
Shantiniketan child labourer school, Shanti Nagar, Nanded 30 13 3 2 1 1 - 50
Savitribai Fule child labourer school, Chikhalwadi, Nanded 23 14 7 5 1 - - 50
Total 119 98 73 63 32 11 4 400

Work In Child Education

In 2007, Pariwar Pratishthan conducted a survey about school less children and revealed 42000 school less children in Nanded district and 7000 in Nanded municipal corporation area. This report was handed over to the district authority for further action.

Bridge schools for immigrant children - NGO (Non Government Organisation) forum on behalf of Pariwar Pratishthan found out 14400 immigrant children in the survey conducted within Nanded district. 84 bridge schools are run with the help of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (Education for all campaign)

Sugar schools - These schools are run in the area of two sugar factories of Nanded district to educate about 6000 children with the help of Socio Economic Development Trust, Kerwadi, Dist. Parbhani


Following are the various forums formed by Pariwar Pratishthan in Nanded district as start of work towards a complete human development.
Child rights forum - This forum monitors primary education at all Taluka/Tehsil places. It conducts training programme for village education committee
D.H.M.J. (Draught forum) - Organised survey in 500 villages for draught and handed over the report to Government of Maharashtra for further action
M.E.R.G.S. (Employment guarantee scheme) - 42 organisations with 240 technical persons implemented MERGS in Nanded district. Work done at 163 villages worth Rs. 6 Crores (Approximately $ 1.5 million), in the first phase
Social audit forum - It includes 38 organisations, which conducted social audit at 392 villages for MERGS in November 2007
D.H.A.F (District Health Action Forum) - 35 organisations working on health, tuberculosis, leprosy, AIDS and RCH (Rural Child Health)

Our Obstacles

After a thorough observation and study we found 54 different reasons for school dropout. Following is how we can classify them:
School related reasons – 27
Family matters – 17
Social circumstances – 4
Reasons related to Students – 6

Below are the roadblocks in narrowing down above reasons:

  • Rs. 100 (nearly $3) of Government assistance is not sufficient. A child labourer can earn more than that according to their parents.
  • There is no special syllabus designed for child labourer.
  • There are couple of Government schemes to provide financial aid to such a noble cause, but all are without coordination. As a result there is no effective channel to flow the money to the root.
  • NCLP hasn’t performed reassessment of the project for further improvements.
  • Lack of self-initiation within Government servants appointed for different scheme executions.
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